Doctors Lapin

Family Introductions: The Doctors Lapin


Doctor Levi is always so sad when he hears that someone is afraid to go to the dentist. So he tries his very hardest to make a visit to his dental office a pleasant experience, because oral health is very important! He is very good at making jokes and keeping his patients very comfortable. His gentle touch and kind encouragement for good dental hygiene have made cavities in Crabapple Crossings nearly non-existent. When not working in his office, he enjoys playing on the town’s softball team, reading detective stories, and cooking.

Doctor Lucy is Crabapple Crossings’ town doctor. She is very adept at fixing any malady that comes through the medical office door; from sore throats to broken bones she can treat it all. As the only medical doctor in town, she is always “on-call” and quick out the door for late night house calls. When not tending to the various injuries and ailments of the townspeople, she enjoys knitting, amateur astronomy, and singing.