My wish list

Just a page of Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families items I would like to acquire someday…always a work in progress as I discover fun things I hadn’t seen before!


  • Bouquet skunk family
  • Dale sheep grandparents
  • Dale/Lambrook sheep family (Purchased October 2016)
  • Vandyke otter family
  • Friesian/Buttercup cow grandparents
  • McBurrows mole family (the ones in clothes, not just the jackets)
  • UK Porridge/EU Marmalade bear family
  • US Marmalade bear family
  • Cottontail grandparents


  • Beekeeper set
  • Vegetable garden set  (Purchased October 2016)
  • Country kitchen set


  • Ivy (green roof)/Orchard (red roof)/Brambles (blue roof) cottage
  • Boutique (Purchased Summer 2016)
  • Cedar terrace/Oakwood home
  • Berry Grove school
  • Seaside restaurant (Purchased March 2016)
  • Deluxe village house/green hill house
  • Cloverleaf manor
  • Blackcurrant Cafe
  • Highfields Farm
  • Regency Hotel
  • Cloverleaf Manor
  • Meadowcroft Cottage