Crabapple Crossings Update

Crabapple Crossings is not gone! I truly can’t believe five (!) months have gone by without a single post. In December my husband and I bought a house, so amidst packing, moving, unpacking, and home improvements, Crabapple Crossings has not been a priority. But I have missed the village so much! Making tiny cute things and writing about them is such a fun and creative process for me. I now realize that some of my wintertime funk can probably be attributed to a lack of creative endeavors. I hope that I can find my inspiration again. I’ll probably ease back in with a few family introduction posts – not the most exciting, but I have to actually make things in order to share them with you!



Welcome to the village of Crabapple Crossings. From the fish-filled waters of Crabapple Creek to hiking the surrounding verdant forests, Crabapple Crossings is wonderful for outdoor adventurers. If you prefer indoor fun, our library is a great spot to curl up with the newest novel and our tea room is a perfect spot for a hot cup of your favorite beverage. Or do a bit of shopping at our various shops for something special. We are so happy to have you visit and hope that you will stay a while in our little hamlet.