U.F.O. – Un-Finished Object

I’m so sad to admit it, but making minis hasn’t been my most passionate activity lately. In general, my passion and creativity ebb and flow. I’ve never been one to find a single thing and want to work on it all the time for months and years on end. I’m more cyclical with my interests. Right now, I’m in a bit of a low-passion time for minis. But that doesn’t mean I’m still not thinking about them or working on smaller projects, it’s just not my #1 priority right now.

What I guess I am trying to say is that making projects for the Creative Crafting Challenges has been a bit of a struggle lately – I just haven’t been feeling the creative “flow” of excitement and energy to work on my projects. But I am still trying to make it happen!

This round was “U.F.O. – Un-finished objects.” Take an unfinished project and get it done.

The big unfinished object that’s been bothering me is the Porker House. The shell of the house has been finished for over a year (seeing it has been well over a year since I built the house makes me really angry at myself, actually) and I have been making small items for it here and there, but for the most part it’s been languishing empty.

So I decided that it was time to at least get the main room, the kitchen/dining room put together. So for this challenge, it was really a matter of assembly more than actual crafting, but I think it counts!

Porker Kitchen

Here is the overview of the kitchen and dining area. The floor and wallpaper was already done, as I make those decisions during the building process. The room has five large windows, which I decorated with lace curtains and floral valances. The valances aren’t sewn, they are “fray checked” on the edges to prevent raveling and the hems are glued. On the left you can see the table, benches, and flower box that I featured in my works in progress post. The only brand new crafting I did for the challenge was the wall plates on back wall. I used this tutorial, but didn’t have clear nail polish on-hand so I used matte medium. It definitely isn’t as thick as the nail polish would have been, so they are a bit flatter. I would definitely try to use nail polish next time for the hardness and shininess.

Porker Kitchen 2

In between the two back windows I added a faux chalkboard that features Mrs. Porker’s dinner menu, Poppy Porker’s doodles, and some new chalk scribbles from Percy Porker. This was a very simple project using black card stock, colored pencils, and some scrap wood to make the frame.

Porker Kitchen 3

The part of the room I am most proud of is the kitchen area. I featured all the parts of it in the works in progress post, but I finally glued all the bits into place. I used my trusty tacky glue for the stove and lower cabinets and super sticky double-stick tape for the upper cabinets. I also finished the braided rug for this challenge. It is braided embroidery floss glued onto a felt oval. The rug was incomplete for a while, as I needed more floss to give it a finished edge. It looks much better now. I was also very happy to realize I had already made a polymer clay chocolate cake quite some time ago, as that is written on Mrs. Porker’s menu for dessert. Primrose Porker doesn’t want to wait until after supper for her slice.

So although the Porker house still isn’t done (still have 3 bedrooms to decorate) it feels really good to at least get the main floor to a state at which I can be mostly satisfied. The only issue I still have is the back right corner, sort of behind Mrs. Porker in the above pictures. There is a strange space in the corner between the two windows that seems to need something to fill it, but I am at a loss as to what should go there. I’m definitely open to ideas!


Crabapple Crossings Update

Crabapple Crossings is not gone! I truly can’t believe five (!) months have gone by without a single post. In December my husband and I bought a house, so amidst packing, moving, unpacking, and home improvements, Crabapple Crossings has not been a priority. But I have missed the village so much! Making tiny cute things and writing about them is such a fun and creative process for me. I now realize that some of my wintertime funk can probably be attributed to a lack of creative endeavors. I hope that I can find my inspiration again. I’ll probably ease back in with a few family introduction posts – not the most exciting, but I have to actually make things in order to share them with you!


Welcome to the village of Crabapple Crossings. From the fish-filled waters of Crabapple Creek to hiking the surrounding verdant forests, Crabapple Crossings is wonderful for outdoor adventurers. If you prefer indoor fun, our library is a great spot to curl up with the newest novel and our tea room is a perfect spot for a hot cup of your favorite beverage. Or do a bit of shopping at our various shops for something special. We are so happy to have you visit and hope that you will stay a while in our little hamlet.