Family Introductions

Family Introductions: The Cheddar Family

Cheddar Family

Father Charles’s career is quite apt for his surname – he is the town’s cheesemonger. Be it aged or fresh, soft or hard, Charles knows his cheeses. His favorite right now is a barrel-aged feta with olive oil and fresh oregano. He wants everyone to love cheese as much as he does. When not sampling and considering new and interesting cheese varieties for his shop, Charles enjoys playing billiards, refinishing old furniture, and reading about current events.

Mother Charity teaches the younger students at school. Her favorite part of teaching is storytime, because of how it encourages the children to enjoy reading. She spends lots of time working on educational and interesting lesson plans for the children – her goal is always to make learning fun. She is always enthusiastic about real-world learning, so field trips are common for her class. In her free time, she enjoys acting in plays, writing letters, and scrapbooking.

Daughter Chelsea’s favorite thing to do is paint. Even at her young age, she is quite talented. She loves going outside with her easel and acrylic paints to capture the beautiful vistas around Crabapple Crossings. Her parents are very proud to feature several of Chelsea’s paintings around their house. Of course, her favorite school subject is art class. When not engaged in creative endeavors, Chelsea also enjoys going fishing, reading, and playing on the playground.

Son Chauncey’s favorite subject in school is science, and he often brings that passion home with him, doing science experiments in the family kitchen. The house rule is “nothing exploding” after last year’s vinegar and baking soda volcano fiasco. But otherwise his curious nature is encouraged by his parents. His other hobbies include doing brain teasers and logic puzzles, eating pizza, and playing checkers.


Family Introductions: The Cottontail Family

Cottontail Family

Father Christopher is Crabapple Crossings’ town toymaker and he is an ace at knowing what the children of the town want to play with. He spends lots of time reviewing current tastes and trends in toys and even more time engineering and building them! He loves seeing the children’s happy faces when they play with the items he’s created. When not hard at work in his toy shop, he spends his free time growing bonsai, metal detecting, and coin collecting.

Mother Carla can tell you anything you want to know about teas – she owns the local tea room and shop. Right now, her favorite blend is a vanilla bean earl grey finished with a splash of milk. She is very passionate about her cozy shop and is always dreaming up new tea blends or dainty treats to serve. She also enjoys gardening, making quilts, and reading mystery novels.

Brother Connor loves spending time in the workshop with his father. He loves figuring out how things work and coming up with creative solutions to problems. Connor loves to work with his Dad on developing new toys. And since he has shown he can be responsible, he’s even allowed to use some of the tools on his own. His favorite subject in school is science and he wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

Sister Camille is a bit of a free spirit. She loves playing make believe and going on imaginary adventures. She enjoys coming up with fun stories to play with her friends. In the woods, she’s a fairy princess; on the beach, a mermaid. Her parents try to support her active imagination, as long as she isn’t doing anything dangerous. She also loves to draw, make dolls out of her mother’s scraps of fabric, and go ice skating in the wintertime.

Family Introductions: The Doctors Lapin


Doctor Levi is always so sad when he hears that someone is afraid to go to the dentist. So he tries his very hardest to make a visit to his dental office a pleasant experience, because oral health is very important! He is very good at making jokes and keeping his patients very comfortable. His gentle touch and kind encouragement for good dental hygiene have made cavities in Crabapple Crossings nearly non-existent. When not working in his office, he enjoys playing on the town’s softball team, reading detective stories, and cooking.

Doctor Lucy is Crabapple Crossings’ town doctor. She is very adept at fixing any malady that comes through the medical office door; from sore throats to broken bones she can treat it all. As the only medical doctor in town, she is always “on-call” and quick out the door for late night house calls. When not tending to the various injuries and ailments of the townspeople, she enjoys knitting, amateur astronomy, and singing.

Family Introductions: The Cuddle-Bear Family


Father Carl is perhaps Crabapple Crossings’ most engaged citizen – he is the mayor. Of course in such a small village, mayor-ing is not a full-time job. So he is probably mostly known around town as teacher of the older students at the school. He loves getting to know each student’s strengths and weaknesses and encouraging him or her to be the best scholar possible. He teaches all subjects, but math is probably his favorite, because he loves watching a child’s face light up when they master a difficult mathematical concept. When not busy with teaching, caring for his children, and his mayoral duties, he enjoys beekeeping, barbequing, and fishing.

Mother Connie is almost always the first to know about current events because she owns the town’s newsstand. She gets up bright and early every day to collect the newspapers and magazines that are delivered by the earliest train. She also is the editor and publisher of the Crabapple Crossings Chronicle, which keeps all the townspeople informed of current events and activities around town. She is always soliciting stories and pictures from anyone who wishes to contribute. When not running her businesses and caring for her children, she enjoys playing croquet, dancing, and drinking tea.

Oldest brother Caleb is very focused on his schoolwork, always looking for a quiet place to study. With so many younger brothers and sisters, he often hides out at the Crabapple Crossings public library. It is much quieter than anywhere in his house. When not doing his very best in school, he enjoys doing origami, flying kites, and participating in plays with the community theater.

Sister Colleen is the twin of Caroline. She is very nurturing and loves to take care of her brothers and sisters, especially baby Calvin. She is always planning fun activities such as games and crafts for the other children. She is almost always available to babysit youngsters around town, and sometimes helps out at the nursery school for extra pocket money. In her free time, she enjoys jigsaw puzzles, rollerskating, and decorating for holidays.

Sister Caroline is the twin of Colleen. She loves the outdoors and is often found climbing trees or building forts. Her father wishes she were more focused on her schoolwork than running around outside, but she would much rather go for a bike ride than do her homework. She loves joining her dad on his fishing trips, playing horseshoes, and eating ice cream cones.

Middle brother Colin is a shy boy, spending much of his time to himself. Sometimes he tags along with his older brother Caleb to the library. He loves reading fantasy stories, and is working on writing his own. He spends a lot of time thinking about his fictional kingdom, and his side of the bedroom is covered in maps and drawings he’s made of it. He also enjoys playing games with his friends, creating scavenger hunts, and trainspotting.

Youngest brother Calvin is doted upon by all of his older siblings. He loves getting lots of attention, so can be a bit silly and very loud. He loves going to the park to play, especially when an older brother or sister pushes him on the swings. His favorite activity is feeding the ducks in the park and his favorite food is milk with honey.

Family Introductions: The Squirrel Family


Father Simon loves the outdoors so much that he has made it his life’s work. He is the local naturalist and park ranger. His job is to make sure that the land and parks around Crabapple Crossings are protected. Throughout the year, he helps keep track of the ecosystems and makes sure the parks are clean and well taken care of. Even some of his favorite hobbies take place outdoors. He especially enjoys birdwatching, mushroom foraging, and camping with his family. He also loves visiting the local school to teach the children about nature and conservation.

Mother Sylvia is known for her sweet tooth – she owns the local candy shop, Sylvia’s Sweets. She spends many hours in the kitchen concocting (and, of course, tasting) her artisan chocolates. Nothing makes her happier than seeing the villagers enjoy her tasty homemade treats. In her off time, she enjoys acting in community theater, doing outdoor activities with her husband, and reading.

Son Samuel loves to compete. Anything can become a race to him – who can swing the highest, who can hold their breath the longest, even who can get ready for school the fastest. He also studies hard in school because he wants to be the best in his class. His competitive spirit is also an asset for the local softball team – he can play any position with ease and is very good at getting his teammates motivated to win. Other than sports, his favorite hobbies are playing with his friends, going on adventures with his dad, and climbing trees.

Daughter Sally does not have the competitive spirit of her brother. She much prefers quiet activities with her friends. She is an average student, but really shines in the arts – she especially loves to paint. When she goes camping with her family, she always brings her painting equipment. She is very skilled at capturing the beauty of nature in her art. When not spending time with friends or painting, she enjoys helping her mother in the candy shop, learning about great artists of the past, and knitting.

Family Introductions: The Otter Family

Otter Family

Father Owen has spent many years honing his craft as a sushi chef and is now excited to offer his culinary expertise to Crabapple Crossing’s first and only sushi restaurant. He takes great pride in preparing the very freshest fish into delish dishes, especially nigiri, as he finds it best highlights the delicacy and flavors of the ingredients. When not making wonderful meals or honing his very sharp knives, Owen enjoys going out on the water to – what else? – fish. He also enjoys swimming at the beach and sea kayaking, and loves teaching his two daughters all there is to know about the sea.

Mother Octavia is awake far before the sun comes up in order to get into her boat and out on the water to ensure the best catch. Then it’s back to shore to get everything on ice and for sale at her fishmonger’s shop. Of course her husband is her best customer! When not working hard out on the water, mending nets, or fixing lobster pots, she enjoys collecting beautiful seashells, writing letters to pen pals, and doing craft projects with her daughters.

Older sister Olivia sometimes has trouble focusing in school because she would rather be playing outside. From the monkey bars, to hopscotch, jumping rope, to the jungle gym, Olivia loves it all. She is also very active on the swim team, and has an ongoing friendly rivalry with Bebe Beaver over who is the more accomplished swimmer. They really shine when they can work together in a relay race. She also loves dancing, organizing games on the playground, and doing craft projects with her mother.

Baby sister Opal is always willing to join in with any game, song, or activity at the nursery school. Her favorite is “Ring around the Rosie” and she giggles uncontrollably when they “all fall down.” She also enjoys naptime and always sleeps with her favorite blankie. She loves helping her mother search for beautiful shells along the beach, singing nursery rhymes, and tasting new and exciting foods.

Family Introductions: The Hopper Grandparents

Hopper Grandparents

Grandfather Herman spent many years working on boats and captaining his own vessel. Old habits die hard, so he insists that he live near the sea in his retirement. Some of the children find his mustache intimidating, but underneath that bushy ‘stache and salty sea dog looks, Grandpa Herman is very kind and loves spending time with his grandchildren and the other young ones in Crabapple Crossings. Through his years working on various boats, he really honed his whittling skills and now delights in creating wonderful toys for the children of Crabapple Crossings. And don’t tell just anyone, but Grandpa Herman sometimes moonlights as one bearded, red-suited individual in the wintertime.

Grandmother Helen got quite accustomed to spending a lot of time on her own while Grandpa Herman was at sea – and now even with Grandpa spending more time at home in his retirement, Grandma values her alone time. Her biggest passions are cooking and baking. Everyone in town knows to go to her if they need help with their kitchen skills or if they need a sure-fire recipe. When not stuffing her husband and grand-kids with tasty homemade treats, Grandma Helen can often be seen getting her beauty treatments at the salon or puttering in her flower garden.

Family Introductions: The Hopper Family

Hopper Family

Father Harold is Crabapple Crossings’ postmaster. He prides himself on sorting and delivering the mail with peak efficiency. It’s always fun to see the variety of stamps from places other than Sylvania. He’s always sure to ask if the recipient is willing to bring him the stamp once the letter has been read so that he can add it to his collection. When not indulging in his passion for philately, he enjoys ballroom dancing and playing drums for the town band or in jam sessions with his family.

Mother Harriet owns Fabric and Frocks, Crabapple Crossings’ sewing and dress shop. She loves choosing all the latest cloth and fripperies; both to sell to the townsfolk and for designing lovely dresses to sell. When not sewing, she likes to play piano with her family, participate in the town’s softball team, dance with her husband, and sketch out her clothing design ideas.

Older Daughter Hannah is a bit quiet and bookish and loves spending time at the town’s library reading anything she can get her paws on. Her love of reading and writing has driven her interest in reporting for the Crabapple Crossings Chronicle. Although sometimes shy at first, her personality helps people feel comfortable talking to her about town news and issues for the paper. She also enjoys helping her mother with sketching clothes, playing violin with her family, and eating lots of candy! When she grows up, she wants to be a professional writer.

Younger Daughter Heather is less bookish than her older sister. She is a very active girl, participating in softball, swimming, and any other sport she can find. She is pretty good in softball, but she excels at and prefers swimming. She tried ballet for a while, but found it too boring – she is happiest when spending time outside. Her other hobbies include playing her trumpet (either with the family band or just as loud as she can. Mom has told her no more loud practice sessions in the house!) jumping rope, and teaching the younger children all sorts of fun outdoor games. She wants to be a gym teacher when she grows up.

Son Henry loves working with his paws, especially cooking. Despite his age, he is a whiz in the kitchen with a natural knack for combining ingredients and flavors in new and exciting ways. He loves trying new techniques and foraging for interesting local ingredients in the lands around Crabapple Crossings. He is a pretty good student and is especially talented at math. He also loves playing xylophone with his family, hiking, and (of course) eating. He wants to be a chef when he grows up.

Family Introductions: The Goat Family

Goat Family

Father Gary is a jack of all trades, working as the town’s plumber, garbage collector, and all-around handyman. Everyone in town knows that if something is broken, Gary can fix it. When not helping his fellow critters, Gary enjoys taking apart interesting things to learn how they work, which helps him understand how to fix them later. When he has down time, Gary enjoys organizing the Crabapple Crossings Community Theater as actor, set builder, and often director. His enthusiasm for the theater is so infectious that even critters who otherwise never thought they’d be brave enough to get up in front of their friends and neighbors have found themselves auditioning for several of Gary’s productions. Gary also enjoys spending time with his daughters coloring, making mud pies, or having imaginary tea parties.

Mother Gail is Crabapple Crossings’ greengrocer. She always has a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables available for sale. Many of the town’s children love to stop to visit with her after school because she almost always has something yummy for the children to taste. She has found that allowing the children to taste fruits and veggies on their own time helps them grow to love the healthy parts of their diets. Her hobbies are cooking, tending to her own vegetable patch, and applying to sweepstakes. She has won many wonderful items through the years and is always so excited when she receives a victory letter or telegram.

Older daughter Grace does not fit her name very well. She has a tendency to be forgetful, uncoordinated, and a bit of an all-around goof. She loves being the class clown and getting the other children to laugh at her silly antics. She tries not to be mean with her tricks and pranks, only pranking people who like practical jokes. Her grades are not the best and she does try for the most part – when she’s not planning silly japes. She loves to send away for magic tricks, joke books, and funny toys. So needless to say, when the mail arrives at the Goat house, it can be a competition over who gets the most letters and packages. Grace also enjoys playing hide and go seek, climbing trees, and performing in her father’s plays – especially if she gets to be the center of attention.

Baby sister Gabby is quite the opposite of her older sister. Whereas Grace is loud and daring, Gabby is shy and calm. She is a common sight at her mother’s grocery where she loves to help sort and stack the fruits and veggies. She loves going to nursery school with the other tots and enjoys playing house and clean-up time. Her family likes to joke that baby Gabby is the tidiest member of the Goat family – and she’s just a little tyke.

Family Introductions: The Whitetail Family

Whitetail Family

Father Walter is the station master of the Crabapple Crossings train depot. Since his job is to make sure the trains run on time, he takes great pride in being punctual at all times. He loves to schedule and organize things, and tends to be a bit strict about such things. He is a big believer in “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” These qualities are wonderful in a station master who must keep track of all the goods coming into or leaving the town. Luckily for him, his wife Wanda is similarly organized and tidy. Despite his sometimes rigid personality, Walter is ultimately friendly, and is often the first smiling face visitors to the town encounter. When not ensuring the efficient running of the train depot, Walter enjoys running, planning community events, and crossword puzzles (both solving them and creating his own.)

Mother Wanda is the librarian at the Crabapple Crossings public library. Like her husband, she enjoys organizing – which is wonderful for cataloging all the books, newspapers, and periodicals at the library. She appreciates it very much when the patrons do their best to be respectful of the library – she is never shy to “shush” when things get too noisy. Despite her preference for quiet enjoyment, she does enjoy it when the little ones of the town come for story time – she makes sure to do all the voices, which make the babies giggle with glee. Books are her passion, so even when she isn’t at the library, she is always reading the newest books and improving the library’s collection. She loves to curl up in a comfortable chair with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

Daughter Winifred rarely uses her full name, to friends and family she is “Winnie.” Although she is punctual like her parents, Winnie is definitely not the tidy type. Her bedroom is a bit of a “lost cause” to her parents. But Winnie claims that she knows where everything is…somewhere. To her mother’s delight, Winnie is a big reader, with her nose almost always buried in the newest library acquisition. She has a flair for drawing, and hopes to become a children’s book author and illustrator when she grows up.

Son Wesley loves visiting his papa at the train depot and watching the locomotives go by. His favorite activity is playing with his blocks. He is very good at stacking them into tall towers – taller even than him – and then knocking them over. His parents hope that this is a sign that he will be an architect when he grows up. He loves to eat strawberries and is often covered in berry juice, so Winnie is always telling him not to touch her books or drawings so he won’t leave sticky streaks everywhere. So sometimes Winnie makes little books just for Wesley which he can get sticky prints all over and still enjoy the stories and drawings.