State of the Crossings Address 2017

The following remarks are excerpted from the speech given by Mayor Carl Cuddle-Bear on October 23, 2017 to the gathered villagers of Crabapple Crossings:

“I know the past few months have been difficult for all of us. We were displaced from our homes, some of our homes and businesses suffered some damage, and even now that we are back, things haven’t yet returned to normal. But despite the troubles, not one villagers was injured, no building were destroyed, and every last one of us has opted to return. Compared to others, Crabapple Crossings has been extremely fortunate. And I know I reflect the feelings of many here today when I say ‘I’m so glad to be back!'”

I didn’t truly realize until I logged on today that it has been six months since I last posted. The first two months of so of the silence has been my own fault – just not getting things photographed and posted. But the last four months or so are what really put a hold on Crabapple Crossings. In early July, our basement (where my craft room and Crabapple Crossings is located) had a flood. My husband and I were out of the state on a quick vacation at the time, and when we returned home, the basement was in a poor state. Thousands of gallons of water had leaked into the space from a cracked pipe. Luckily, our basement has a sump pump, so the water didn’t get above the carpet. But pretty much everything that touched the ground was destroyed. This meant that most of my furniture and all of my shelves, which held my collection had to be thrown away and everything on them put upstairs. While nothing got wet, the extremely high humidity in the basement did cause some permanent damage to a couple of my pieces – some of the papers buckled, remaining so even after getting back to a normal humidity level.

The worst of it is the wallpaper in the Candy shop and the exterior “siding” paper of the Porker House, a work in progress. As far as I can tell, this damage is permanent and I will just have to live with it. As a bit of a perfectionist, I am very saddened by this damage.

During the rebuild of the basement, we repainted and had new carpet installed. And it has taken longer than expected to replace all the shelving and other furniture, like my work tables and desks. Until this past weekend, everything was still upstairs in boxes. But finally, I am able to display my collection again and have the opportunity to craft again!

Despite everything being in a state of flux, I have not been completely neglecting my collecting. As soon as it was available, I had to buy the Starry Point Lighthouse. I had wanted it ever since I saw its release in Japan. 

My next purchase was a house that I’m not actually sure the name of. It’s either an older iteration of the Cozy Cottage, but I’ve also seen it referred to as the Copper Beech Cottage. Either way, I found a great deal on it. 

thrift house

I love to go shopping at thrift stores and this has been my only Calico Critters find. At one of the stores I frequent, the employees are constantly coming out of the back “sorting room” with carts full of stuff to shelve. Well, I spied this as soon as the cart came through the doors. I basically chased the employee across the store to snag it. Imagine my elation when it was priced at…$2.99! It’s missing the railing beside the door, but otherwise is in great condition. 

In the midst of everything else, my husband and I traveled to Denmark for a vacation. There are quite a few items that are available there that aren’t in the U.S., but other than the Cedar Terrace (which I desperately want, but definitely would not fit into my luggage) the only must-have was the single figure Hedgehog baby. So cute!

And finally, last week was my birthday, and I did receive some Calico Critters gifts. The biggest is the Village Cake Shop. Yes, my tiny village currently has three bakeries. But my plan is to do a tiny bit of revamping to make it into a clothing boutique. I also received the adorable Pizza Delivery Set and the School Music Set. 

So despite my collection being more or less inaccessible, it’s still been growing. And I am so looking forward to returning to the crafting part of my collecting. I have so many things I want to make, and build, and share!



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