Family Introductions: The Hopper Grandparents

Hopper Grandparents

Grandfather Herman spent many years working on boats and captaining his own vessel. Old habits die hard, so he insists that he live near the sea in his retirement. Some of the children find his mustache intimidating, but underneath that bushy ‘stache and salty sea dog looks, Grandpa Herman is very kind and loves spending time with his grandchildren and the other young ones in Crabapple Crossings. Through his years working on various boats, he really honed his whittling skills and now delights in creating wonderful toys for the children of Crabapple Crossings. And don’t tell just anyone, but Grandpa Herman sometimes moonlights as one bearded, red-suited individual in the wintertime.

Grandmother Helen got quite accustomed to spending a lot of time on her own while Grandpa Herman was at sea – and now even with Grandpa spending more time at home in his retirement, Grandma values her alone time. Her biggest passions are cooking and baking. Everyone in town knows to go to her if they need help with their kitchen skills or if they need a sure-fire recipe. When not stuffing her husband and grand-kids with tasty homemade treats, Grandma Helen can often be seen getting her beauty treatments at the salon or puttering in her flower garden.


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