Month: October 2016

Family Introductions: The Squirrel Family


Father Simon loves the outdoors so much that he has made it his life’s work. He is the local naturalist and park ranger. His job is to make sure that the land and parks around Crabapple Crossings are protected. Throughout the year, he helps keep track of the ecosystems and makes sure the parks are clean and well taken care of. Even some of his favorite hobbies take place outdoors. He especially enjoys birdwatching, mushroom foraging, and camping with his family. He also loves visiting the local school to teach the children about nature and conservation.

Mother Sylvia is known for her sweet tooth – she owns the local candy shop, Sylvia’s Sweets. She spends many hours in the kitchen concocting (and, of course, tasting) her artisan chocolates. Nothing makes her happier than seeing the villagers enjoy her tasty homemade treats. In her off time, she enjoys acting in community theater, doing outdoor activities with her husband, and reading.

Son Samuel loves to compete. Anything can become a race to him – who can swing the highest, who can hold their breath the longest, even who can get ready for school the fastest. He also studies hard in school because he wants to be the best in his class. His competitive spirit is also an asset for the local softball team – he can play any position with ease and is very good at getting his teammates motivated to win. Other than sports, his favorite hobbies are playing with his friends, going on adventures with his dad, and climbing trees.

Daughter Sally does not have the competitive spirit of her brother. She much prefers quiet activities with her friends. She is an average student, but really shines in the arts – she especially loves to paint. When she goes camping with her family, she always brings her painting equipment. She is very skilled at capturing the beauty of nature in her art. When not spending time with friends or painting, she enjoys helping her mother in the candy shop, learning about great artists of the past, and knitting.


Family Introductions: The Otter Family

Otter Family

Father Owen has spent many years honing his craft as a sushi chef and is now excited to offer his culinary expertise to Crabapple Crossing’s first and only sushi restaurant. He takes great pride in preparing the very freshest fish into delish dishes, especially nigiri, as he finds it best highlights the delicacy and flavors of the ingredients. When not making wonderful meals or honing his very sharp knives, Owen enjoys going out on the water to – what else? – fish. He also enjoys swimming at the beach and sea kayaking, and loves teaching his two daughters all there is to know about the sea.

Mother Octavia is awake far before the sun comes up in order to get into her boat and out on the water to ensure the best catch. Then it’s back to shore to get everything on ice and for sale at her fishmonger’s shop. Of course her husband is her best customer! When not working hard out on the water, mending nets, or fixing lobster pots, she enjoys collecting beautiful seashells, writing letters to pen pals, and doing craft projects with her daughters.

Older sister Olivia sometimes has trouble focusing in school because she would rather be playing outside. From the monkey bars, to hopscotch, jumping rope, to the jungle gym, Olivia loves it all. She is also very active on the swim team, and has an ongoing friendly rivalry with Bebe Beaver over who is the more accomplished swimmer. They really shine when they can work together in a relay race. She also loves dancing, organizing games on the playground, and doing craft projects with her mother.

Baby sister Opal is always willing to join in with any game, song, or activity at the nursery school. Her favorite is “Ring around the Rosie” and she giggles uncontrollably when they “all fall down.” She also enjoys naptime and always sleeps with her favorite blankie. She loves helping her mother search for beautiful shells along the beach, singing nursery rhymes, and tasting new and exciting foods.

Family Introductions: The Hopper Grandparents

Hopper Grandparents

Grandfather Herman spent many years working on boats and captaining his own vessel. Old habits die hard, so he insists that he live near the sea in his retirement. Some of the children find his mustache intimidating, but underneath that bushy ‘stache and salty sea dog looks, Grandpa Herman is very kind and loves spending time with his grandchildren and the other young ones in Crabapple Crossings. Through his years working on various boats, he really honed his whittling skills and now delights in creating wonderful toys for the children of Crabapple Crossings. And don’t tell just anyone, but Grandpa Herman sometimes moonlights as one bearded, red-suited individual in the wintertime.

Grandmother Helen got quite accustomed to spending a lot of time on her own while Grandpa Herman was at sea – and now even with Grandpa spending more time at home in his retirement, Grandma values her alone time. Her biggest passions are cooking and baking. Everyone in town knows to go to her if they need help with their kitchen skills or if they need a sure-fire recipe. When not stuffing her husband and grand-kids with tasty homemade treats, Grandma Helen can often be seen getting her beauty treatments at the salon or puttering in her flower garden.