Around Town: Cookbook Collection

Local resident Helen Hopper has a useful and unique collection: cookbooks. “Many of my favorite recipes come from the pages of these books,” she says. “It’s been a lifetime collecting these tomes.”


Mrs. Hopper’s collection numbers fifty unique cookbooks. “It’s getting to be a bit much!” she admits. “I’ve read them all several times over the years and have copied down all my favorite recipes.”


Mrs. Hopper’s collection will soon be available to check out from the Crabapple Crossings public library. “I’ve gotten such wonderful use out of these books and I think it would be nice to share their wisdom with the other townsfolk.”

For this round of Iron Craft, the theme was “In the Kitchen.” We were to make something to be used in a kitchen, make something with items found in a kitchen, or use a kitchen appliance as a tool to make something.

I was actually at a bit of a loss for this project. I know that I should keep practicing with polymer clay, but after last round’s vegetable stand, I wasn’t really feeling up to making tiny food. But I had been mulling over the idea of tiny books for a while. So little cookbooks it was!


Since I’m working in miniature, I seem unable to focus on making just one single project – nope it has to be multiples of whatever I’m working on. In all, I ended up making 50 miniature cookbooks.


The largest book is just 7/8″ tall. Each cookbook was created using scans of antique cookbooks from, most from the Cornell University Library collection, so all should be free of copyright restrictions. I will post a tutorial including the printable file later this week.



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