Family Introductions: The Hopper Family

Hopper Family

Father Harold is Crabapple Crossings’ postmaster. He prides himself on sorting and delivering the mail with peak efficiency. It’s always fun to see the variety of stamps from places other than Sylvania. He’s always sure to ask if the recipient is willing to bring him the stamp once the letter has been read so that he can add it to his collection. When not indulging in his passion for philately, he enjoys ballroom dancing and playing drums for the town band or in jam sessions with his family.

Mother Harriet owns Fabric and Frocks, Crabapple Crossings’ sewing and dress shop. She loves choosing all the latest cloth and fripperies; both to sell to the townsfolk and for designing lovely dresses to sell. When not sewing, she likes to play piano with her family, participate in the town’s softball team, dance with her husband, and sketch out her clothing design ideas.

Older Daughter Hannah is a bit quiet and bookish and loves spending time at the town’s library reading anything she can get her paws on. Her love of reading and writing has driven her interest in reporting for the Crabapple Crossings Chronicle. Although sometimes shy at first, her personality helps people feel comfortable talking to her about town news and issues for the paper. She also enjoys helping her mother with sketching clothes, playing violin with her family, and eating lots of candy! When she grows up, she wants to be a professional writer.

Younger Daughter Heather is less bookish than her older sister. She is a very active girl, participating in softball, swimming, and any other sport she can find. She is pretty good in softball, but she excels at and prefers swimming. She tried ballet for a while, but found it too boring – she is happiest when spending time outside. Her other hobbies include playing her trumpet (either with the family band or just as loud as she can. Mom has told her no more loud practice sessions in the house!) jumping rope, and teaching the younger children all sorts of fun outdoor games. She wants to be a gym teacher when she grows up.

Son Henry loves working with his paws, especially cooking. Despite his age, he is a whiz in the kitchen with a natural knack for combining ingredients and flavors in new and exciting ways. He loves trying new techniques and foraging for interesting local ingredients in the lands around Crabapple Crossings. He is a pretty good student and is especially talented at math. He also loves playing xylophone with his family, hiking, and (of course) eating. He wants to be a chef when he grows up.


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  1. The introductions have just the right amount of detail without too many fancy words. Very pleasing word choice! It is so cool to totally get to know your critters! 😀


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