Family Introductions: The Goat Family

Goat Family

Father Gary is a jack of all trades, working as the town’s plumber, garbage collector, and all-around handyman. Everyone in town knows that if something is broken, Gary can fix it. When not helping his fellow critters, Gary enjoys taking apart interesting things to learn how they work, which helps him understand how to fix them later. When he has down time, Gary enjoys organizing the Crabapple Crossings Community Theater as actor, set builder, and often director. His enthusiasm for the theater is so infectious that even critters who otherwise never thought they’d be brave enough to get up in front of their friends and neighbors have found themselves auditioning for several of Gary’s productions. Gary also enjoys spending time with his daughters coloring, making mud pies, or having imaginary tea parties.

Mother Gail is Crabapple Crossings’ greengrocer. She always has a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables available for sale. Many of the town’s children love to stop to visit with her after school because she almost always has something yummy for the children to taste. She has found that allowing the children to taste fruits and veggies on their own time helps them grow to love the healthy parts of their diets. Her hobbies are cooking, tending to her own vegetable patch, and applying to sweepstakes. She has won many wonderful items through the years and is always so excited when she receives a victory letter or telegram.

Older daughter Grace does not fit her name very well. She has a tendency to be forgetful, uncoordinated, and a bit of an all-around goof. She loves being the class clown and getting the other children to laugh at her silly antics. She tries not to be mean with her tricks and pranks, only pranking people who like practical jokes. Her grades are not the best and she does try for the most part – when she’s not planning silly japes. She loves to send away for magic tricks, joke books, and funny toys. So needless to say, when the mail arrives at the Goat house, it can be a competition over who gets the most letters and packages. Grace also enjoys playing hide and go seek, climbing trees, and performing in her father’s plays – especially if she gets to be the center of attention.

Baby sister Gabby is quite the opposite of her older sister. Whereas Grace is loud and daring, Gabby is shy and calm. She is a common sight at her mother’s grocery where she loves to help sort and stack the fruits and veggies. She loves going to nursery school with the other tots and enjoys playing house and clean-up time. Her family likes to joke that baby Gabby is the tidiest member of the Goat family – and she’s just a little tyke.


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