Family Introductions: The Whitetail Family

Whitetail Family

Father Walter is the station master of the Crabapple Crossings train depot. Since his job is to make sure the trains run on time, he takes great pride in being punctual at all times. He loves to schedule and organize things, and tends to be a bit strict about such things. He is a big believer in “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” These qualities are wonderful in a station master who must keep track of all the goods coming into or leaving the town. Luckily for him, his wife Wanda is similarly organized and tidy. Despite his sometimes rigid personality, Walter is ultimately friendly, and is often the first smiling face visitors to the town encounter. When not ensuring the efficient running of the train depot, Walter enjoys running, planning community events, and crossword puzzles (both solving them and creating his own.)

Mother Wanda is the librarian at the Crabapple Crossings public library. Like her husband, she enjoys organizing – which is wonderful for cataloging all the books, newspapers, and periodicals at the library. She appreciates it very much when the patrons do their best to be respectful of the library – she is never shy to “shush” when things get too noisy. Despite her preference for quiet enjoyment, she does enjoy it when the little ones of the town come for story time – she makes sure to do all the voices, which make the babies giggle with glee. Books are her passion, so even when she isn’t at the library, she is always reading the newest books and improving the library’s collection. She loves to curl up in a comfortable chair with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

Daughter Winifred rarely uses her full name, to friends and family she is “Winnie.” Although she is punctual like her parents, Winnie is definitely not the tidy type. Her bedroom is a bit of a “lost cause” to her parents. But Winnie claims that she knows where everything is…somewhere. To her mother’s delight, Winnie is a big reader, with her nose almost always buried in the newest library acquisition. She has a flair for drawing, and hopes to become a children’s book author and illustrator when she grows up.

Son Wesley loves visiting his papa at the train depot and watching the locomotives go by. His favorite activity is playing with his blocks. He is very good at stacking them into tall towers – taller even than him – and then knocking them over. His parents hope that this is a sign that he will be an architect when he grows up. He loves to eat strawberries and is often covered in berry juice, so Winnie is always telling him not to touch her books or drawings so he won’t leave sticky streaks everywhere. So sometimes Winnie makes little books just for Wesley which he can get sticky prints all over and still enjoy the stories and drawings.


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