Mr. Beaver’s Workshop

Local citizen Mr. Bertram Beaver is happy to announce the completion of his wood workshop. He has been working diligently to create this dedicated workspace for his woodworking business.


His wife, Mrs. Blanche Beaver is thrilled with her husband’s new workshop. “I am so relieved that he now has his own place to work in peace and quiet. And my living room is no longer full of projects, wood scraps, and sawdust!”

Mr. Beaver built his workshop with his own two paws and says that he believes the shop is a great showcase of his skills as a builder and woodworker.

Mr. Beaver offered a short tour of his shop.


The shop itself is one story and has a cottage-like feel. It has a red wood door and five large windows.

The walls, floor, and roof are made of foam core. The door and window frames are bass wood strips: cut, painted, and glued. The windows are clear plastic. The siding and shingles are made out of cardstock paper.


Mr. Beaver is especially proud of his wooden door. It took a lot of finessing to make it look just right!

I stalled out on the door for a very long time. I initially wanted to use more foam core, but I found that it buckled too much when painted. I eventually settled on balsa or bass wood. I was so nervous about it not working, but it turned out great. The door knobs are just simple wooden beads. Probably the biggest expense of the entire wood shop was the door hinges. One slight downside is that the door doesn’t generally want to stay closed. I suppose a bit of tape could work, or I could try to create some sort of latch. I haven’t quite figured it out yet.


Just inside the door is Mr. Beaver’s wood scrap bin. He built the bin himself. It helps keep the workshop tidy.

Also, I can mention here that the floors are a textured cardstock with a crackled look – I thought it looked a lot like crackled poured concrete.


Over here is his peg board for his most used tools.

The peg board is a piece of foam core covered in cardstock. I drew on the peg holes and used sequin pins for the nails. The tools are charms I found in the jewelry section of a craft store. Also, I should mention that the walls and interior window and door frames are made out of adhesive-backed real wood veneer. I am totally addicted to the stuff and highly recommend it. It is so easy to work with. I wish I could buy it in bulk!


Mr. Beaver is most proud of his work bench, which he also built. It is the perfect height for working on his many projects.

It’s a bit hard to tell, but I added a faux vice to the end of the work bench. I made it out of some small wood scraps and a toothpick. I thought it added a small level of realism to the space.


Finally, in this corner Mr. Beaver keeps his tool box and shelves with jars full of fasteners. His tool box is always at the ready for when he needs to head out to a job site.

The tool box and tools are purchased miniatures. The shelves are made by me. The jars are real glass and are from the dollar store – they originally held nail glitter. I filled them with some mini screws, some sequin pins that I cut down to size with a wire cutter, and some teeny tiny nails that came with the door hinges. I was too nervous to use them on the door in the fear that the wood would split. Also, I made the jar lids out of paper circles. I will certainly be using these jars often in my projects. (And at 8 for $1, they are a great deal!)


“I welcome everyone in the village to come take a look around to see what I can do. There is no project too big or small for me to undertake, and I am so happy to offer my building services to the Crabapple Crossings community.”

Overall this project was a rather time consuming, but I am so happy with the result. I felt that Crabapple Crossings definitely needed a workshop for Mr. Beaver so that he can help build the other critters’ homes. The only additional things that I am considering adding are some blueprints and maybe some paint cans and paint brushes. I was having some trouble getting the thick dowels I want to use to cut nicely, so that will be a project for another day. But as it is, Mr. Beaver is quite pleased with his workshop and looks forward to spending lots of time working in there.



  1. That is so wonderful! I just love the colorful outside, and the inside looks beautiful! (Well, in a detail type of sense! (I don’t know how Mr. Beaver would react to me saying his shop is pretty! Ha, ha! 😀 ))


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