Family Introductions: The Porker Family

Porker Family

Father Paul owns Crabapple Crossings’ grocery store. He loves being able to provide fresh and tasty food for the entire town. The best part of his day is getting to chat with the many townsfolk who stop in to pick up the ingredients for their daily meals. He also is quite adept at negotiating with other vendors in the town so that he can sell their products in the grocery. When not stocking the store’s shelf or balancing the accounts, Paul enjoys taking restorative mudbaths, playing board games, and spending time playing with his children.

Mother Patty has a special knack with children. Not only does she have five of her own (including a trio of triplets) she also runs the Crabapple Crossings nursery school. She is very patient and kind with all of the town’s littlest citizens and always has time to kiss a boo-boo or lend an understanding ear. She spends most of her time caring for the children or coming up with educational and fun activities and lessons for the nursery school. In the little free time she has, she enjoys relaxing in the mudbaths and baking delicious pies.

Oldest son Patrick would spend all digging in the dirt if left to his own devices. Like his mother, he is a wonderful caretaker for the little ones, and is often found lending a hand at the nursery school. The tots love climbing all over Patrick and getting him to join them in the sandbox. His favorite subject in school is science and he enjoys finding new specimens for his butterfly collection in his free time.

Oldest daughter Poppy pretty much dances through life. She is obsessed with ballet. She is frequently seen practicing the different ballet positions. So of course dance class is the highlight of her day. When not helping her dad at the grocery store (while practicing her pliés) she can often be seen sketching dance costumes or at Fabric and Frocks making those sketches a reality.

Baby Petal is the oldest of the triplets. She thinks older brother Patrick is the most wonderful critter in the world. She is constantly following him around the house or the nursery school whenever he’s around. When Patrick is playing outside, Petal wants to play outside. When Patrick wants to go looking for butterflies, Petal wants to help, too. When not shadowing her older brother, she enjoys coloring and eating applesauce.

Baby Primrose is the middle triplet and the shyest of all the Porker children. She likes playing by herself with her toys, especially her stuffed animals. For the last few months, Primrose has been annoying everyone in the house by licking things – not just food, but also furniture, toys, and other family members. Everyone is sure that she will soon grow out of this silly phase.

Baby Percy is the youngest Porker child and is the goofball of the family. He loves making his triplet sisters laugh. He is a pro at making silly faces and doing silly dances. He is a very active tot and loves to climb things. “Get down from there!” is now a common refrain in the Porker household. His favorite food is carrots.


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