Family Introductions: The Mouse Family

Mouse Family

Father Mortimer is the town baker. He loves to wake up before dawn to get a good start to his day. He starts by brewing a hot cup of tea, which he likes to linger over while he plans out the day’s activities. His pastries are very popular in Crabapple Crossings, so he has to get to baking so he can give his customers their favorite breakfast treats. But he always takes a few minutes during his busy morning to take a basket of the warmest, freshest pastries upstairs to Mitzi, Millie, and Martin so can they have a tasty breakfast, too. When he’s not working on new recipes or practicing new cake decorating techniques, he enjoys reading a good book and playing on the town’s softball team, the Crabapple Crossings Crustaceans.

Mother Mitzi loves the outdoors, especially nature’s abundant flowers. Her flower cart is a mainstay in Crabapple Crossings’ town square. She loves to work in the garden growing various blooms and picking out the best specimens from her neighbors’ gardens. Collecting and cataloguing rare and unusual seeds is also a passion. As president of the Crabapple Crossings Gardening Club, she enjoys putting on the annual flower festival and getting to help decide all the winners. Although not unkind, one of her favorite activities is staying up-to-date on all the town gossip, which she gets to hear a lot of at her flower cart. All the denizens know that any information told to Mitzi will soon be known to all!

Daughter Millie loves all things sweet, much like her father. She loves to help him in the bakery, especially when she gets to taste! A bit of a dreamer, she doesn’t have the highest grades, but she is known among her classmates as especially kind and helpful to others. She loves playing with her dolls, having tea parties, and wants to be a princess when she grows up.

Son Martin loves nothing more than playing outside and getting dirty! His mom knows she can always rely on Martin’s help when she needs help digging or weeding in the garden. He is not very studious – it is hard to sit still though those long school hours! His favorite subject is recess and he holds the school record for farthest jump from the swings. He loves anything with wheels and his toy train is his most prized possession. He wants to be a train conductor when he grows up.



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