Family Introductions: The Beaver Family

(The Beavers were the first family I purchased as an adult for my collection. So it seems appropriate for me to feature them first.)

Beaver Family Brighter

Father Bertram is the town builder, a real jack-of-all-the-building-trades. An early settler of Crabapple Crossings, he has had a paw in building almost every building in the town. He takes great pride in his work and never turns down a request to build something new, no matter how big or small. He sometimes seems to spend all his time out in his workshop or at a job site! He can look at almost any drawing and make it a reality and especially loves making his wife’s visions come to life. When he’s not working, he likes swimming with his family, going fishing, and taking afternoon naps on the couch.

Mother Blanche is a planner through-and-through as the town’s chief architect. She loves seeing her husband make her designs a reality. She is also the school’s volunteer swimming coach and is great at motivating the children to do their best. She can be tough, but is always very fair. She loves spending evenings playing board games with her family and in her spare time she enjoys practicing painting. Although she is a great architect and drafter, the more free style of painting is a new and exciting challenge for her.

Daughter Beatrice goes mostly by her nickname, Bebe. She is a boisterous, bubbly girl, but with a bit of a competitive streak. She always is the first to raise her paw in class and it is hard for her when she doesn’t receive the top grade. She makes friends easily, but can be a bit on the bossy side, especially when it comes to her baby brother. She is a naturally talented swimmer, but truly excels under her mother’s coaching. She loves photography and sometimes gets her pictures printed in the Crabapple Courier newspaper. She wants to be a photojournalist and world-traveler when she grows up.

Son Benji is still a toddler, but quite the handful nevertheless. He loves spending time with his Daddy, often “helping” in the workshop with his own little hammer and blocks of wood. Much like the rest of his family, he loves the water and could spend hours splashing around in the shallows. He is generally a cheerful little guy and is much adored by sister Bebe, even if she sometimes denies it.


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